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Advertising like a magnet

Segway® is prefect for classic outdoor, leaflet and sampling campaigns, as well as supporting promotions and special events. With our vehicles you may effectively carry out any promotional campaigns, aimed at both mass receivers and specific target groups.

Self-stabilizing hubcaps and joystick cover are a great advertising surfaces. Thanks to Segway's mobility the marketing relay can get exactly to the place our client wants: Segway can be placed in front of a school, in an underground pathway, in a supermarket, it can be driven by a hostess in a given time and on a specific route around a city, along the pavement as a pedestrian.

Of course it is possible to arrange a promotional group drives, that is campaigns using several Segways at the same time, in order to magnify the impact and visibility of the advertisement.

Are you going to implement effective innovation in your marketing campaigns?

You don't know how to do it?

Recipe is simple - adverts on Segways.

Renting price of 1 Segway® is 500 zł (plus VAT) ! (prices can be negotiated individually)

    Price includes:
  • renting the vehicle
  • insurance OC
  • transport of the vehicle to the place of the event
  • professional instructor handling, including presentation of the vehicle and driving training
  • satisfaction of the client

In case of renting more than one vehicle or using it in a cycle of events we can offer price negotiations.

Any other promotional costs (eg. promodiscs, joystick cover, flags, speakers, LCD screen, lights, crew training) will be paid by the client.

oferta reklamy - offer in PDF (120 kb)

If the event takes place further than 30 km from Warsaw please add the price of additional travel of 1,4 zł per kilometer to the renting cost. If the event takes longer than one day or is in a distance of more than 300 km from Warsaw, please take into concideration the cost of hotel accomodation for the crew.

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